About Yuanxiang
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Core values: people-oriented, innovation, hard work, integrity, win-win
Passionate care, people-oriented
Pursuit of excellence, leading technology
Don't be afraid of hardships, fight bravely
Sincerely open gold and stone, walk around the world
Cooperation and development
Company Culture

The people-oriented management thought embodied in Yuanxiang culture gradually penetrates into the daily management work. Yuanxiang always advocates "harmonious life", attaches importance to the balance between work and life, and provides space and opportunities for sustainable development for employees; it advocates simple interpersonal relationships , is committed to creating a working atmosphere that can give full play to the talents of employees. Through continuous exploration and efforts, Yuanxiang people have formed a company atmosphere of pursuing innovation, continuous improvement and vigorous progress.

Mission: "Through technological innovation, the company's fine silica products can completely replace internationally renowned brand products in the field of silicone rubber applications, and have international competitive advantages in high-end coatings, super-efficient thermal insulation materials and other application fields, break foreign monopoly, and thus influence And drive the upgrading and transformation of domestic enterprises, narrow the gap with foreign products, and make greater contributions to the development of national industries.”

Vision: "Become the leading enterprise in domestic fine silica technology"