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Silica for Silicone Rubber

This series of products has high specific surface area, fine and uniform particles, and low impurity content. It has excellent yellowing resistance and high transparency when used in middle and high-end silicone rubber, and can improve the hardness, tensile and tear strength of silicone rubber products.

Modified silica

This series of products are refined by compound modification of organic compounds. The products have excellent hydrophobicity and dispersibility, high specific surface area and low water content. It has excellent dispersion and reinforcement properties in the application of medium and high-end silicone rubber; it has excellent dispersion, adsorption, thickening and anti-settling effects in defoaming agents.

Silicon Dioxide for Oral Cleaning

This series of  products are quite transparent and dispersible, and have a high refractive index, high purity, and high whiteness degree. With gentle friction function, compatible with fluorine, they can be widely used in all kinds of transparent Chinese herbal toothpaste containing fluorine to eradicate stains on the teeth surface.

Matte silica

This series of products has high pore volume, uniform pore size and particle size distribution, and high specific surface area. It is widely used in medium and high-end wood paint, plastic paint, metal paint, leather, paper, ink and other products. The effect of precipitation, good recoatability, can make the surface of the product have excellent transparency, smoothness and scratch resistance.

Silica for high-efficiency thermal insulation

Silica products for high-efficiency thermal insulation have the characteristics of small bulk specific gravity, low thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient. It can effectively reduce the quality of the thermal insulation material and improve the thermal insulation effect of the material.

Silica for PE battery separator

Silica products for PE battery separators have excellent dispersion and high porosity, which can improve the pore distribution and mechanical properties of composite separators, and improve the conductivity and service life of separators.